After 10+ years of in-depth coverage of EU tech policy, I am regularly called upon by international media as an expert to explain the complexities of policy proposals and what they really mean.

I was named in Politico’s Top 20 Women Shaping Brussels 2017 I am also a GLG expert Council Member providing advice on EU Policy.

I am also the Editor of the weekly GDPRtoday newsletter – sign up!

A commitment to accuracy and attention to detail has earned me a place at the table at tech conferences throughout Europe. I also have an excellent working relationship with policy makers in the European Commission and European Parliament. Keeping an ear to the ground also means I can give a solid assessment of what policy proposals are coming and how different actors will tackle them.


I can deliver insightful policy analysis on a regular basis tailored to your needs — either as a report, video, or podcast — that can be used to send out to press, for your website, blog, or to distribute to staff/members/clients.

POLICY ANALYSIS: Many organisations are too busy day-to-day to dedicate someone to keeping on top of every twist and turn of legislation that affects them. I can do that for you. The reports can be as detailed or as “big picture” as required, but most importantly I will cut through the technical jargon and policy-speak to deliver understandable, easily digestible information.

TECHNICAL BRIEFINGS: Not everyone has time to sift through the mass of information available to find what is directly relevant to their organisation, so I am also offering weekly sector roundups on what you need to be aware of. Thanks to an address book packed with sources and insider contacts in Brussels, I can ensure organisations are up to date with everything in the pipeline.

EVENT REPORTS: I can also deliver tailored event reports that focus on the bits you want to hear, as well as conducting one-on-one interviews with participants in the sidelines.