As a well-known and experienced moderator, I am comfortable speaking off-the-cuff, hosting or partaking in debates, delivering presentations, or doing one-on-one stage interviews. I broke into moderating in Brussels following a television and radio career, and am particularly skilled in hosting virtual events. However I also relish the interaction with a live audience — whether at a small round-table or a conference hall of thousands. My delivery and interviewing skills come together to make for lively discussions and real engagement with the audience. Although primarily focussed on tech, security and EU policy issues, I have covered covered topics as diverse as the refugee crisis, Brexit and over-fishing in Thailand. I am also able to work with conference organisers to get the most out of any panel, no matter what the knowledge level of attendees. I also like to use live tweeting and social media to generate an online buzz around any sort of event.

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Panel moderation: circa €800
Half day: €1500 – €1900
Full day: €2500 – €3000
Includes all preparation, liaising with organisers, participants etc. For virtual/online conference moderation this also includes technical equipment tests.

I understand that NGOs and smaller charities may not have this budget, if so, contact me directly to work out a discount.


I also speak at events on subjects I am passionate about, in particular Disinformation in the Digital Age; Copyright Reform; The Right to Privacy; and Whistleblower Protection.

As these are issues I care about, I do not charge a speaker’s fee, rather a nominal honorarium to cover my time and expenses.

Jen has a real passion for technology and policy and brings the right mix of knowledge and wittiness to the job that keeps discussions interesting and lively while pinpointing issues that matter. We had Jen moderate a book presentation followed by a discussion with the author on the impact of technology on society and she turned out to be a perfect choice. She is sharp, engaging and well-informed, strikes the right notes and knows how to move discussions forward.



Jennifer is an excellent journalist, specialised in tech, IT, privacy, online communications. She is also an expert moderator, very knowledgeable. She writes very good articles, with added value on substance. She knows her business.



Jennifer is a very knowledgeable and professional journalist in ICT. I’ve seen her moderating several different panels and once she agreed to moderate a difficult panel in an event I contributed to organise. In all and on that occasion in particular, she managed to steer the discussion in the most interesting direction. Always with a pinch of witty good humor. The audience was delighted and the organisation very satisfied.





  • VIRTUAL EVENT DigitalEurope event on BIM & Building twin 30.09.20
  • VIRTUAL EVENT Strengthening the Single Market: the future of free movement of services The Confederation of Danish Industry 30.09.20
  • VIRTUAL EVENT PURE COSMOS FINAL CONFERENCE One Stop Shop & digital applications for SMEs 29.09.20
  • HYBRID EVENT Resolving plastic packaging waste: Can deposit return schemes provide a breakthrough? Euractiv supported by UNESDA & EFBW 29.09.20
  • VIRTUAL EVENT ALDE Liberal Breakfast on Digital Skilling Co-Hosted with Microsoft 23.09.20
  • VIRTUAL EVENT CEPS/ECONPOL: Lunch Debate Series Equality Of Opportunity: What Role For Educational Policies? 09.09.20
  • VIRTUAL EVENT Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Assembling the European Circular Fashion and Textile System around EPR 02.09.20
  • VIRTUAL EVENT Digital Law webinar 12.08.20
  • VIRTUAL EVENT Green European Foundation and Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung What future for economic and monetary policy in the EU? 16.07.20
  • HYBRID EVENT Euractiv conference sponsored by Generali Investing post-COVID: Is a green recovery assured? 14.07.20
  • VIRTUAL EVENT EconPol/CEPS Lunch debate on tax incentives for Research and Development 10.07.20
  • VIRTUAL EVENT Boosting European Industry with 5G Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and ZVEI ThinkDigital Series 10.07.20
  • HYBRID EVENT Rural Broadband: Challenges and Opportunities Euractiv event sponsored by Huawei 09.07.20
  • VIRTUAL EVENT ALDE Liberal Breakfast Series 01.07.20
  • HYBRID EVENT Euractiv Video Conference Sponsored by Syngenta 30.06.20
  • VIRTUAL EVENT Cisco | The Future of Education amid Covid-19 and beyond 23.06.20
  • VIRTUAL EVENT Euractiv Video Conference Sponsored by FertilizersEurope 23.06.20
  • VIRTUAL EVENT EconPol – CEPs lunchtime debate 05.06.20 “Eurozone After the Coronavirus Pandemic: What are the Likely Scenarios?”
  • VIRTUAL EVENT Mozilla Mornings event 04.06.20 “Advertising and micro-targeting in the DSA”
  • VIRTUAL EVENT ZN Hyperchat 29.04.20 What is the impact of COVID-19 on social media?
  • Mozilla Mornings 03.03.20 “From liability to responsibility: the DSA paradigm shift”
  • Greiner Breakfast Debate 18.02.20 European Parliament in Brussels
  • EU Cancer Plan launch 04.02.20 European Commissioner Stella Kyriakides with Commission President Ursula von der Leyen
  • EURES 25th Anniversary Event 30.01.20 European Commission
  • Building business accountability in data privacy and cybersecurity 28.01.20 Global Public Policy Committee (GPPC)
  • Ethical AI and Innovation in Practice 23.01.20 Permanent Representation of the Netherlands to the EU, presentation of the national AI Strategic Action Plan


  • Greens/EFA in the European Parliament 12.12.19 HOW TO PREVENT BIAS IN AI AND ALGORITHMIC DECISION-MAKING
  • Mozilla Morning 10.12.19 The future of openness and data access
  • “Invented and Made in Europe” roundtable discussion 09.12.19 organised by the Permanent Representation of Hungary to the European Union and General Electric
  • Women of Europe Awards 04.12.19 Jury member
  • ERC: A Sustainable Future for Europe – The Contribution of Frontier Research 03.12.19 Organised by the European Research Council (ERC)
  • UNI Global Union: 02.12.19 Nowhere to hide: privacy and digital rights in Amazon world
  • The role of ethics in artificial intelligence and data usage 29.11.19 Euractiv
  • Schibsted report launch 21.11.19 Ensuring Democracy and Freedom of Speech Online — a need for a Balanced Regulation of Social Networks
  • The Brussels 5G Assembly: Choose a Smarter Future 2011.19 Presented by Huawei
  • Bayer Annual Reception 19.11.19
  • Accountancy Europe 19.11.19 Digital Day 2019
  • EUMICON Debate 18.11.19 #MadeInEurope. A common vision for the next five years? At European Parliament
  • European Partnership for Democracy 14.11.19
  • ETNO 12.11.19 Digital sustainability event
  • Freedom Not Fear 08.11.19
  • EuroPCom 08.11.19 Closing session
  • European Boating Industry 07.11.19 “Building a sustainable leisure boating industry for Europe” in conversation with the European Commission
  • RBI Gala dinner and panel 05.11.19 Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI)
  • Data driven profiling 05.11.19 ENAR
  • EULAR event 16.10.19 A sustainable and effective EU health policy for citizens
  • SAE: Shared and micro mobility at The Autonomy summit, Paris 15.10.19
  • Understanding the Post-Truth Society 11.1019 Mediterranean Conference Centre, Malta
  • Regiostars Awards 09.10.19 EU Regions Week
  • CESME Regions week workshop 08.10.19 Interreg Europe Project CESME – Circular Economy for SMEs
  • EU Regions Week – Citizens Dialogue, 07.10.19
  • Are We Europe: Code of Conscience 05.10.19
  • European Institute of Innovation and Technology 12.09.19 Ten years of supporting creativity and talent Co-hosted by the European Commission and the EIT
  • ORGCon 2019 13.07.19 Main stage MC
  • Inter pares 11.07.19 – 12.07.19 Inter Pares event by International IDEA at European Parliament
  • ETNO, DigitalEurope & GSMA reception, “Meet the new MEPs” Strasbourg, 02.07.19
  • Wire summit, Iasi, Romania June 26 – 28, 2019
  • UNOPs EDD event 19.06.19
  • Presumption of innocence and the role of (social) media and digital technologies, 04.06.19 Fair Trials and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee
  • Disinfo Lab 2019, 28.05.19
  • FOSSA workshop 16.05.19 European Parliament cross-party event
  • Internet Health Check 14.04.19 Mozilla Mornings Series
  • Seafood Expo Global 09.05.19 WWF Austria
  • EENA Conference 2019 Dubrovnik 10.04.19
  • 112 Awards 2019 10.04.19
  • Trust Matters! The European Elections of 2019 in the Digital Age 19.03.19 Think Digital Series for Zvei, Siemens, Google
  • Committee of the Regions Summit, Bucharest 14.03.19 – 15.03.19 Debate with Young Elected Politicians and Panel on What young local and regional leaders expect from the EU
  • The British Legal Technology Forum 2019, London 12.03.19 Talk on Data transfers post Brexit and GDPR
  • Fireside chat with Director General 06.02.19 Orgalime
  • Discussion with Max Schrems on mechanisms for data protection 01.02.19 CPDP 2019
  • Disinformation and online advertising 31.01.19 Mozilla at CPDP 2019
  • DPAs & the Media 31.01.19 CPDP 2019
  • Solidar Awards 2019 29.01.19 Socialists & Democrats in European Parliament
  • Competing with data – a business perspective, in conversation 17.01.19 DG Competition, European Commission


  • Globsec TatraSummit 2018 05.10.18 Keynote interview with Commissioner Margrethe Vestager
  • 2nd Annual Datathon Awards 02.10.18 Publications Office of the European Union
  • Corporate Capture 24.09.18 ALTER-EU debate
  • ThinkDigital series: “Data Economies Across the Globe: Who’s Taking the Lead for Innovation?” 05.09.18 European Parliament for Simens, Zvei and Google
  • Finance 5.0  – a challenge for cyber security?  16.07.18 Jointly organized by the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) and the Austrian Federal Chancellery (BKA)
  • How to reduce the impact of plastic products on the marine environment? 11.07.18 Euractiv event in association with the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment
  • ThinkDigital series:Cybersecurity Breakfast at European Parliament 10.07.18 for Simens, Zvei and Google
  • ThinkDigital series: AI & Liability: Which Regulatory Challenges Do We Face? 20.06.18 for Simens, Zvei and Google
  • Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) conference “Consumer Protection in a Connected World” 19.06.18 Consumers International
  • European Property Investor Awards 14.06.18 Pageant Media London
  • Digital influencers – from myth to practice 13.06.18 Cosmetics Europe
  • 1st European Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Assembly 11.06.18 – 12.06.18 Tipik for the European Commission
  • EBS panel: Fake News & why it’s threatening your business 24.05.18 European Business Summit
  • How To Ensure Fair Taxation In A Digitalized World? 23.05.18 European Tax Adviser Federation (ETAF) Conference
  • Trusting Europe? How we (can) get citizen engagement right 22.05.18 Open Government Partnership
  • Launch of Whistleblower.eu 15.05.18 Eurocadres
  • 112 Awards 2018 25.04.18 EENA Ljubljana, Slovenia, April 2018
  • AWEurope 2018 GDPR: How Premium Publishers Come Out Ahead 20.03.18 The Guardian Stage for Digital Content Next
  • The future of Artificial Intelligence: Perspectives on ethics and AI” 07.03.18 European Greens, Office of Jan Philipp Albrecht MEP
  • Artificial Intelligence: Balancing Business and Opportunity with Ethics and Responsibility Registration 22.02.18 Orange event for European Industry Day Event 2018
  • From Research to Innovation: Bridging the Gap 22.02.18 FoodDrink Europe event for European Industry Day Event 2018
  • When Innovation meets Policy 21.02.18 Bayer AG
  • Robotics & AI – What should legislators do at national and EU level? 21.02.18 Joint Representation of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the State of Schleswig-Holstein to the EU
  • Open PM2 conference 01.02.18 DG Digit, European Commission
  • Privacy, advertising, and trust: can we have it all? 25.01.18 CPDP panel hosted by Mozilla
  • Google@Thought series 23.01.18 Breaking Stereotypes, Inspiring Girls to Aim High, Google Brussels


  • Connecting Europe with Building Blocks 07.12.17 DG Digit, European Commission
  • The sustainable society of the future 01.12.17 European Socialists & Democrats, Lisbon
  • Artificial Intelligence for accessibility 29.11.17 EDF and Google, European Parliament
  • Safety, Privacy , Competition, and the IoT 28.11.17 BEUC
  • FIEEC-ZVEI Cybersecurity dinner 20.11.17 European Parliament
  • EU Datathon 2017 16.11.17 Publications Office of the European Union
  • The Digital Transformation of European Industries 08.11.27 Siemens and ZVEI
  • DISCO SOUR – TinderPolitics – Democracy in the age of algorithms 07.11.17 Hosted by MEP Brando Benifei, European Parliament
  • Translating Europe Forum 2017 06.11.17 European Commission DG Translate
  • Nordic Privacy Arena 23.10.17 Stockholm
  • Who are the EU digital Influencers? 19.10.17 Euractiv + ZN
    INNOVEIT 2017 16.11.17 EIT, Hungary
  • Re-industrialising Europe 11.10.17 The LSE Alumni Association Belgium
  • Cross-border collaboration: The opportunity for  Startups & SMEs 26.10.17 Dropbox
  • SWITCH Baltic conference 2017 19.09.17 Lithuania
  • Better Regulation for Copyright: Academics Meet Policy Makers with Commissioner Mariya Gabriel 06.09.17 Greens, European Parliament
  • Industry 4.0 and beyond: How Europe should address the digitisation of SMEs
    under a revised Strategy for Industrial Policy? 06.09.17 Siemans
  • Think Digital event: Boosting Europe’s competitiveness by innovation 28.06.17 Siemens
  • Cybersecurity for all: from critical infrastructures to IoT devices 16.06.17 European Commission Digital Assembly with the Maltese Presidency
  • Democratic Discourse 2.0 07.06.17 European Greens at the European Parliament
  • Seafood Expo Global 27.04.17 World Wildlife Federation Austria
  • RightsCon 2017 29 – 31 March Panels on The outer boundaries of hacking crypto; Enabling the free flow of data globally. What rules for data transfers?; Net Neutrality Planet: What’s Next in the Global Fight For an Open Internet; and Reforming the e-Privacy Regulation: Will we bring privacy and security into the 21st century?
  • Together event to mark the Treaties of Rome 24.03 PES Europe
  • European Commission SG IT 21.03.17 conference and expo – e-Participation and innovative tools
  • InnoApps Awards 09.02.17  Presented by Huawei and the European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF)
  • ECFR Digital Power Project 30.01.17 Brussels Digital Workshop sponsored by Telefonica
  • The Future of Justice Systems in the Age of Mass Surveillance 27.01.17 UK Law Societies at CPDP
  • APCO and Public Affairs Council 26.01.17 Keynote speech: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in 2017
  • Voter Surveillance, Micro-Targeting and Media Manipulation 25.01.17 CPDP side event on the risks for privacy, data protection and democracy


  • WATIFY launch conference 07.12.16 In association with the European Commission
  • Europe Together: Prague Edition 02.12.16 Socialists & Democrats, European Parliament
  • DIGITEC 29.11.16 DG ITEC European Parliament & DG DIGIT European Commission first joint annual conference
  • GSMA Policy event 17.11.16 European Parliament, Members Salon
  • Norwegian Consumer Council 14.11.16 AppFail Flagship Event
  • Shaping the social heart of Europe 20.10.16 Socialists & Democrats, European Parliament
  • Forum Europe: Public Sector Transformation 20.10.16 Discussion on Digital by Default
  • ECAS Digital Democracy Day 18.10.16Panel on “E-Participation and Political Parties: Connecting Citizens to Politicians”
  • Freedom Not Fear 14.10.16 Opening panel
  • EDPS-BEUC Joint Conference 29.09.16 Big data: individual rights and smart enforcement
  • Free and Safe in Cyberspace 22.09.16 EU Edition 2016
  • Greens European Parliament Working Group Robotics 08.09.16  Public Hearing on Merging of man and machines: questions of ethics in dealing with emerging technology
  • Fastweb/NetCompetition Forum 12.07.16 Panel I: How to deliver broadband deployment and consumer welfare for Europe? Panel II: Reviewing the EU’s telecoms rules: what are the best options for the future?
  • Criteo and The Future of Privacy Forum 28.06.16 Privacy by design economic value and the cost of ignoring privacy, international policy event, Paris, France
  • ERRIN 13.06.16 The European Urban Agenda The Dutch Way at Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the European Union
  • Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband 01.06.16 Crossborder availability of digital content
  • DigitalMuse 30.04.16 Workshop coordinator
  • Global Privacy Summit 2016 05.04.16 European Law in Transition: Reflections from The Chairs: Article 29 Working Party, US Federal Trade Commission, Washington D.C. US
  • Startup Europe Summit 21.03.16 Panel I Intermediary Liability and its Importance to Startups, Fireside Chat: Challenges for Internationals Entering the Polish Market with Uber and Salesforce, Warsaw, Poland
  • Eurocities 16.03.16 Host Eurocities Annual Social Affairs Forum, Nantes
  • European Parliament GUE/NGL Group 01.03.16 Advisor on Social Media
  • European Data Protection Supervisor for CPDP 2016 28.01.16 : Data Protection Day Celebration: Data, Dignity and Technology ­ Exploring digital ethics with Giovanni Buttarelli
  • Housing Europe 13.01.16 Host event on Communities of the Future


  • Joint  Office of the UK Law Societies 08.12.15 Expert speaker on communications and media in lobbying
  • EU40 08.12.15 Debate on Digital Platforms with speakers from eBay, Microsoft, Facebook and the perm reps
  • Friedrich­Naumann­Stiftung für die Freiheit 26.11.15 European and Transatlantic Dialogue Lunchtime Debate
  • Forum Europe 19.11.15 Media 2015: The Future of Digital Content and Services conference
  • Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament (S&D Group) 19.11.15 T he future copyright reform
  • Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament (S&D Group) 18.11.15 Big Data and Us – Happily ever after or content unavailable
  • Freedom Not Fear 16.10.15 One-on-one with Assistant European Data Protection Supervisor
  • European Greens and ALDE European Parliamentary Group 01.10.15 Expert speaker panel Internet as a commons
  • EUROCITIES 21.09.15 Moderation of Migration and Asylum in Europe’s Cities
  • Prysmian and Dominique Riquet MEP 02.07.15 Group breakfast debate on Investing in the technologies of tomorrow: Challenges of the Digital Single Market
  • European Commission 17.06.2015 Digital Agenda Assembly 2015, Host and rapporteur for workshop: A Digital Single Market for Creative Content, Riga, Latvia
  • EU40 and MEP Victor Negrescu 30.06.15 Chances of mHealth in a digitalised Europe , at European Parliament
  • Word Wildlife Federation and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) 04.06.15 Greening financial systems: A regional experience, at European Development Days
  • Top Management Europe 28.05.15 Presentation of Top Management Big Data Seminar with Belgium Deputy Prime Minister Alexander de Croo
  • Top Management Europe 23.04.15 Presentation of Top Management awards 2015
  • ALTER­ EU Coalition and Vice President Sylvie Guillaume MEP 23.04.15 Presentation of  at European Parliament, Making Brussels’ lobbying fully transparent: A debate on the future of the EU lobby transparency register
  • European Pirate Party Julia Reda MEP 20.04.15 Creative Commons event: The current system is not working for us
  • OpenForum Europe 04.03.15 Regulating a Borderless Internet : EU vs US Perspectives on Net Neutrality
  • European Youth Forum 02.03.15 A Conversation about the Participation of Young People in Democracy: Time to Act? at Swedish Perm Rep
  • Microsoft 20.01.2015 YouthSpark, Panel for youth and education in digital skills and coding.


  • 2014 IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 20.11.14 Fireside chat with Max Schrems
  • DG ITEC Conference 2014 19.11.14 Host of a full-day event for the technology department of the European Parliament
  • Freedom Not Fear 26.09.14 Data protection reform, transfers to third countries, the future of the Safe Harbour and the right to be forgotten
  • ORGALIME 25.06.14 Moderator for panel at EU Sustainable Energy Week
  • Microsoft 11.06.14 In discussion with Dave Coplin author of The Rise of the Humans: How to outsmart the digital deluge
  • EuroCommerce 28.05.14 Speaker at post EU elections workshop: Tips for lobbying and engagement
  • European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems (EU-­LISA) 24.04.14 Moderating debate organised in conjunction with Forum Europe
  • APCO and EU40 19.03.14 How will the New European Parliament Make  a Difference, a debate with MEPs from all groups
  • GSMA 17.03.14 The future of telco policy


  • European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) 28.11.13 The Future of Identity in the Digital Age
  • Huawei 13.11.13 Cyber Security White Paper Launch event
  • European Commission Digital Agenda Assembly 2013 19.06.13-20.06.13 Host of Workshop 2: Going Smart and Accessible in Public Services and Cities, Dublin, Ireland